Terms and Conditions  −  2022 Warren Mott Senior “All Night” Party (ANP)

Only tickets purchased by March 31, 2022 will receive a Senior gift. The ANP typically includes activities, raffles, gifts, food, & entertainment. There are multiple options for the 2022 ANP depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions in place at the time of graduation.

The Senior ANP event does not generate a profit for the Warren Mott Booster Club. All ANP payments received will be spent on the event. NO REFUNDS will be issued unless the 2022 Senior ANP Event is cancelled in its entirety.

By purchasing this ticket, I give permission for my daughter/son/other ("attendee" as listed on the ANP ticket) to attend the Warren Mott Senior All Night Party and participate in all Senior All Night Party activities.

For information about this event, please contact Shanna at wmanp2022@gmail.com.

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