Dennis Peterson Scholarship of Excellence and Achievement

Dennis Peterson Scholarship of Excellence and Achievement

Dr. Dennis Peterson is retiring after 21 years of service as the Minnetonka Schools Superintendent. Please join us in continuing his legacy of excellence and achievement by donating to a scholarship in his honor, for graduating seniors in their pursuit of higher education.
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Contributions are tax deductible and may be made in several ways:

1.  Select the desired quantity of one of the increments listed on the following page. 

2.  If you desire an amount different from the offered increments, select a quantity of more than one to total your chosen contribution OR

3.  Select a quantity of one and add  additional amounts in the ‘other donation’ box below.  

A credit card processing fee will be charged along with your donation.    

Checks will be accepted with no fee charged.  They may be written out to “Minnetonka Public Schools’ with Dennis Peterson scholarship in the memo line.  Please send all checks to:  Minnetonka Public Schools attn:  Jessica Hulitt 5621 County Road 101  Minnetonka, MN  55345.

Thank you for your contribution!


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