The Good Shepherd with Dr. Dan Woods

The Good Shepherd


Ministerial Ethics
by Dr. Dan Woods

November 18, 2023

At the Training Center on Maranatha Campgrounds

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The course titled “The Good Shepherd: Ministerial Ethics” delves into the realm of ethical behavior within the context of Christian ministry. Unlike conventional “Christian Ethics,” which deals with discerning right and wrong actions in society, this course concentrates on “Ministerial Ethics” or ethical conduct within the sphere of ministry. The foundation for the course is drawn from Paul’s instruction in Colossians 3:17 a(NLT), emphasizing that all words and actions should reflect the representation of Jesus Christ. The central focus lies in elucidating the ethical responsibilities of a Good Shepherd, namely, guiding, nourishing, and safeguarding the flock.


Furthermore, the course explores five key personal traits that characterize a Christian leader with ethical equilibrium: Identity, signifying a clear sense of self in Christ; Faithfulness, highlighting steadfast commitment; Character, emphasizing moral integrity; Example, showcasing the importance of leading by actions; and Growth, emphasizing continuous personal and spiritual development. The course encompasses a practical workshop as well, specifically addressing the appropriate and inappropriate content for sharing on social media platforms, tailored to the role of a pastor.

The instructor for the course is Dr. Dan Woods, who possesses the expertise to navigate these intricate ethical discussions within the ministerial context.