Terms and Conditions  −  Student Parking Spots 21-22

School Parking Procedures:
-Students who choose to park on school grounds other than their designated areas, may have their vehicles towed and/or be issued consequences by the school. Student parking without proper registration/parking tag:
--1st Violation = warning by HS office
--2nd Violation = assigned detention
-Assigned TVHS Parking Tag should be clipped to the mirror so it is visible through the front windshield.
-To ensure the safety of students and staff at TVHS, if school officials have reasonable suspicion of any dangerous materials or illegal substances in the vehicle, they have the right to search any vehicle while parked on school grounds.
-Failure to abide by the above listed rules, the policies of the Student Handbook, or the State of Illinois Rules of the Road, will result in loss of parking privileges.

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