Terms and Conditions  −  Lanier Dance Fall Show

For information about this event, please contact the "Event Organizer".

The "Event Organizer" is not obligated to provide any refunds in regards to tickets purchased for their events.

Masks are required for all spectators inside all HISD facilities regardless of vaccination status. Masks must cover both the nose and the mouth. We appreciate your compliance.

COVID-19 Social Contract-
I acknowledge that I am aware of certain risks of participating in public events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that I am choosing to enter the venue my tickets are purchased for. I understand that by leaving my home, I am exposing myself to a greater risk of becoming infected with coronavirus, or of infecting other people. In order to do my part to not spread this virus, I agree to not enter the venue and to return home if (a) I have a temperature of 100 degrees or above or am displaying any symptoms, (b) the venue's medically trained professional determines that I may not safely enter the venue, or (c) there is reason to believe I carry the coronavirus despite the current absence of symptoms, (d) I am awaiting test results or have a confirmed positive case for anyone in my household, (e) I have been notified to be a close contract of either a presumed or confirmed COVID positive person. If I enter the venue, I agree to strictly follow all health and safety rules the venue has posted, which are designed to protect patrons, workers, and performers.

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All issues relating to the sale of tickets and the hosting of their associated event(s) are the responsibility of the “Event Organizer” and not that of Revtrak inc d/b/a Vanco Events.

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