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Easy Event Payment Processing - Get Started for Free

Event Payment Processing Made Easy

Vanco Events software includes a secure and easy-to-use payment processing system that enables event organizers to sell tickets and collect event payments online quickly and efficiently.

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Screenshot: Online Checkout for Processing Event Payments

Easily Collect Event Payments Online with Vanco


Set Up Events in Just a Few Minutes

Event organizers can set up their ticketing preferences and begin selling tickets and accepting payments in minutes.


Payment Processing Is Fully Integrated with Vanco Events Ticketing Software

Because our event payment processing feature is fully integrated with our ticketing software, organizers can track their ticket sales, revenue and payments all in one place. It is also much more reliable than using two systems that weren’t built to work together.


Supports a Wide Range of Payment Options

Vanco Events has helped organizations across the country boost fundraising efforts and increase ticket sales by letting attendees pay with credit and debit cards. Vanco also makes it easy to track cash sales.


Fully Customizable Payments

Vanco Events supports fully customizable payment processing features, which means that event organizers can set up their own fees and pricing structures to best suit their events and target audiences. Customization includes the ability to offer discounts, promo codes, presale tickets, and special pricing for different types of tickets or events.


Offers the Highest Standard of Encryption and Security in the Business

Our payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected.


Payment Processing That Transfers Funds Fast

With Vanco Events, organizers can receive payments quickly and efficiently, typically within 2-3 business days.


Advanced Reporting

Your organization relies on data to make decisions about future events. That’s why Vanco Events offers detailed transaction data and reports to help you adjust your strategy.


A Payment Processing System Built On Decades of Improvements

Vanco has been processing payments for nearly three decades. In this time, we’ve learned a thing or two about making online payments simple and hassle-free. We also have built reporting that event managers need to track sales and improve their events.

See How Easy Events Can Be and Try It for Free!

We encourage you to experience the full extent of our capabilities by trying our event software for free. Vanco is completely free for all no-charge events, which means you can test the features before deciding to use it on any of your paid events.

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Event Payment Processing FAQs

How long does it take for a refund to be processed once it has been requested?

A refund takes 3-5 business days.

What payment methods can be used with Vanco Events?

Vanco accepts debit cards and most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover. We also accept cash payments with promo tracking codes and gift certificate sales.

Will users receive a receipt or confirmation with ticket purchases? How long does it typically take to receive it?

Yes, after an attendee purchases their tickets, they will receive an email within a few minutes that details their purchase and provides a receipt and digital tickets. Purchasers will also be directed to a confirmation screen after the sale is made. From this confirmation screen, purchasers can see their receipt and tickets immediately.

Are there any discounts or promotional codes that can be applied to event ticket purchases with Vanco Events?

Yes! Vanco Events offers a variety of discount types depending on your event needs, including promotion codes, early bird tickets, VIP tickets, staff tickets, complimentary tickets and special promotions to groups.

Can event managers offer refunds or cancel tickets?

Absolutely! You can easily refund tickets in case events are canceled or if an attendee can no longer attend an event.

Is it possible to customize the pricing options for different types of tickets or events?

Yes. Event managers can customize their ticket prices to their needs, including offering general admission, VIP ticketing, staff tickets and more.

How secure is the payment processing feature for event managers?

Our payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected.

Can event managers view or download reports on their ticket sales and revenue? How often are these reports updated?

Yes! Event organizers can easily track ticket sales and build customized reports to understand event attendance trends and learn how to attract even more attendees. Our solution updates reports automatically and can show you updated data in real time. 

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