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Event Ticketing Analytics & Reporting Tools | Vanco Events

Advanced Event Ticketing Analytics

With Vanco, you can easily access all the event ticketing analytics you need to measure key performance indicators and optimize your next event!

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Access All the Data You Need!

With Vanco’s event ticketing analytics, you can access detailed information with nearly 40 built-in reports. You can also create your own custom reports to focus on specific data.


Comprehensive Reporting

Vanco provides key details on payments, refunds, attendance, unsold seats, waiting lists, transactions, promotions, discounts and more


Real-Time Event Ticketing Analytics

Need access to data immediately? No problem. Vanco Events lets you track ticket sales in real-time, allowing you to get timely answers to key questions.


Easy-to-Use Attendance Tracking

Eliminate the need for manual attendance tracking with Vanco, which automatically updates all your attendance data when each ticket is scanned.


Advanced Marketing Reports

Track referral sources and conversion rates to determine which marketing channels are driving ticket sales and much more with Vanco!



Easily filter your reports by date range, ticket type and other variables to get detailed insights into your event performance. You can also export your reports in a variety of formats, including CSV, PDF and Excel, so you can share the data with your team or analyze it in-depth.

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We encourage you to experience the full extent of our capabilities by trying our event software for free. Vanco is completely free for all no-charge events, which means you can test the features before deciding to use it on any of your paid events.

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Ticketing Analytics FAQs

Can I customize the reporting features to see specific data?

Yes! You can create your own custom reports. The reporting capabilities in Vanco Events are very flexible to meet your reporting needs.

Can I export the data from the reporting features?

Yes! Event organizers can export reporting data from Vanco Events.

How do I use the data from the reporting features to make business decisions?

Event organizers can easily track ticket sales and build customized reports to understand event attendance trends and use event ticketing analytics to learn how to drive more ticket sales and build event attendance.

Can I access reporting features for multiple events at once?

Yes, event organizers and finance admins can pull accounting reports that capture multiple events.

Can I use the reporting features to track sales and revenue?


How can I get help with the reporting features in the ticketing software?

Our Client Success team is always within reach to help clients get started online, answer technical questions and provide valuable advice, tips and ideas. Our customer learning center is loaded with helpful articles and step-by-step guides to help clients hit the ground running and start organizing events quickly.

Can I use the reporting features to track customer demographics and preferences?

Yes, event organizers have the flexibility to track this information if desired. Event organizers can ask additional questions during the ticket checkout experience to gather the information they want to collect.

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