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Online School Prom & Dance Tickets | Vanco Events

Event Ticketing Built for Prom and Other School Dances

Transform your school dances with our comprehensive event ticketing software, providing a streamlined and customizable solution for managing ticket sales, selling materials, protecting student safety and tracking revenue, all while providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for students and parents.

How Vanco Events Makes School Dances Easier, Boosts Sales and Protects Students

We built our events software specifically for schools, and because prom is one of your school’s biggest events each year, we’ve created all the functionality schools need to host a hassle-free and safe prom.


Keeping kids safe is a top priority. Our software allows you to easily set up security protocols and control access, so you can prevent unwanted guests from securing prom tickets and keep them out of school dances.

Online Ticketing

Managing ticket sales for prom and other school dances isn’t easy, but Vanco’s online ticketing takes away much of the hassle. Parents and students can buy tickets for prom at any time using a customizable event page. Your staff can also easily track ticket sales and manage all related information in our easy-to-use system.

Detailed Reports & Tracking

Vanco’s ticketing software provides the valuable insights and data you need to make informed decisions for future events. This helps schools optimize revenue potential and improve the quality of their proms and other dances each year.

Promote School Dances

Get the word out about your dance and how to get tickets for prom with built-in communication tools designed to make event promotion a breeze.

Sell Additional Products

Selling dance and prom tickets can help your school generate needed funds for key programs and activities. Vanco not only helps schools with event ticketing, we offer schools the option to create a fully integrated Online Store to sell photo packages, dinner tickets, keepsakes and anything else you can think of for school dances.

Discover All You Can Do With Vanco Events

Try Vanco Events' numerous features for free at your school's no-charge events. Or create a test event to see if it meets your needs. That way, you can be sure if it will work for your prom tickets and ticketing for other events.

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Great for All School Dances and Any Other School Event


Prom Tickets

Make prom planning a breeze and ensure a seamless ticket purchasing experience for students with our customizable ticketing software.


Homecoming Dance Tickets

Effortlessly manage and sell tickets for your school's homecoming dance with our customizable and easy-to-use software.


School Formal Tickets

Elevate your school formal event and simplify ticket sales with our innovative and user-friendly event ticketing software.


And More!

Experience the convenience and ease of event ticking for any school event. Test our software today!

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Why 1,300+ School Districts And Counting Trust Vanco


Can we customize the ticketing experience for our event?

Absolutely! You can customize the ticketing pages with school colors, graphics, mascots and even the tickets as well. If you want to include the school dance theme or class year, those are just a couple ways we’ve seen clients customize their school dance tickets. Vanco Events is a flexible ticketing solution that can easily cater to your needs.

Can we customize the ticket offerings for our school dance, such as creating different ticket types or adding promotional discounts?

Yes! Vanco Events offers a variety of discount types depending on your event needs, including presale tickets, VIP tickets, staff tickets, complimentary tickets, special promotions and more.

Can we set up the ticketing software to sell tickets online, as well as at the door?

Yes! We’ve found that most event attendees prefer to purchase their tickets before the event, but we also offer ways for attendees to purchase tickets at the gate and still enable you to get people through the gate quickly.

Can we use the ticketing software to track ticket sales and attendance for our school dance?

Yes! Vanco Events software tracks ticket sales, attendance, check-in/out times and more.

Is the ticketing software secure and PCI-compliant for processing payments?

Yes. Our payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected.

Can the software integrate with our school's website or social media pages for easy promotion of the event?

Vanco Events ticketing software can be integrated into your existing tech stack in several ways depending on your district’s needs and can be used to share event information via social media.

Does the software allow assigned seating or table reservations for the school dance?

Yes! The event organizer can easily set up the dance floor with the appropriate number of tables and seats, and arrange them to imitate the floor plan for the event. School dance attendees can then select their preferred seats during their checkout experience.

How does the ticketing software handle refunds and cancellations for school dance tickets?

You can easily refund tickets in case the dance is postponed, canceled, or if an attendee can no longer attend. If the event needs to be canceled entirely, bulk refunds are also available, so all event attendees can receive their refunds with just a few clicks.

Can we set up the ticketing software to allow group sales or tickets purchased as a gift for someone else?

Yes, indeed! Vanco Events offers the ability to purchase multiple tickets and purchase tickets for others, plus Vanco Events gift certificates and more. Many clients will purchase multiple tickets at once and forward the email ticket to other attendees. This is perfect for school dances like prom when one classmate may purchase multiple tickets for their friends and can then divvy up the prom tickets over email instead of using paper tickets.

What kind of customer support is available if we encounter any issues with the software, such as technical difficulties or questions about features and functionality?

Our Client Success team is always within reach to help clients get started online, answer technical questions and provide valuable advice, tips and ideas. Our customer learning center is loaded with helpful articles and step-by-step guides to help clients hit the ground running and start organizing events quickly.

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