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Online Ticket Sales for School Districts | Vanco Events

Event Ticketing Software That Helps School District Admins Boost Revenue and Save Time

Vanco’s flexible and secure ticketing solution simplifies online ticket sales for schools, including planning and running school events, and reduces the time spent on manual processes.

Why Vanco’s Ticketing Software Works So Well for District Admins

Vanco Events ticketing software is the ideal solution for K-12 school districts, offering administrators a secure, efficient and cost-effective way to manage tickets, promote events and generate revenue. The software is simple to use and intuitively designed for the K-12 market. Trusted by thousands of school districts, here are a few of the features that set us apart:

Streamlined Ticketing

With Vanco Events, administrators can easily generate and manage tickets for their events. The system automatically calculates availability and adjusts accordingly to ensure a smooth ticketing process. It also provides real-time access to ticket sales and event information, and easy-to-find digital tickets on your website.

Intuitive Event Creation

Vanco Events simplifies event creation and management. Through the system’s intuitive design, administrators can construct event pages quickly from templates or build them from scratch with customized URLs and branded event tickets.

Event Promotion

Vanco Events also offers powerful marketing tools, enabling administrators to promote their events on social media, email campaigns, school newsletters and more. The system even allows event organizers to print QR codes on posters and flyers, providing a convenient way for people to access event information and purchase tickets.

Customize Seating Charts

Seating charts are easy to customize in Vanco Events, letting administrators create the perfect layouts for their events. The software includes the ability to construct custom reserved seating, general admission and tiered seating structures.

Mobile Ticket Scanning App

With the Vanco Events mobile app for iPhone and Android , staff can scan tickets and check in attendees with ease. Powerful real-time reporting features provide invaluable event data, allowing for detailed and accurate tracking of all transactions and attendance.

Free For Free Events

Vanco Events is completely free to use for all free events. With no monthly fees, schools can take advantage of the software’s powerful features to manage online ticket sales for schools without incurring additional expenses.

See What Vanco Events Can Do for You!

You can test the various features offered by Vanco Events for free at any of your school's no-cost events. Alternatively, you can create a trial event to assess whether it meets your requirements. This will allow you to determine if Vanco Events is suitable for your events before you commit to spending any money.

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Vanco Is Great for Any Type of School Event, Including...



Vanco Events is the perfect solution for K-12 schools hosting sports events such as basketball and football games. It makes it easy to manage ticketing, track sales and maximize revenue.

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Vanco Events simplifies the ticketing process for school dances such as prom and homecoming, ensuring hassle-free check-in for attendees.

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Performing Arts

Through Vanco Events, K-12 schools can easily manage ticketing for performing arts events such as plays and musicals. The software's custom seating charts enable efficient box office management.

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School Fundraisers and More!

Vanco Events is great for any type of school event, from lectures and conferences to fundraisers and seminars. Try it now and see how its advanced features can make managing your event easier!

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Why 1,300+ School Districts And Counting Trust Vanco


Can we integrate event ticketing software with our existing tech stack, including our student information system (SIS)?

Vanco Events is a ticketing software that is compatible with many software solutions and can be integrated into your existing tech stack in several ways depending on your district’s needs. Get in touch with a Vanco rep to discuss your district's needs in more detail here.

What payment options are available through the event ticketing software?

Vanco accepts debit cards and most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover.

Can we set different ticket prices for different events or ticket types? Is it possible to offer discounts or promo codes for school events through the ticketing software?

Yes! Vanco Events offers a variety of ticket types to cater to a wide variety of events and depending on your event needs, including pre-sale tickets, VIPs, staff tickets, ticket discounts, complimentary tickets, special promotions and more. Adjust the ticket pricing to your event needs.

How can we track ticket sales for different events?

Easily! Vanco Events includes a robust reporting solution that can track online ticket sales for schools across different events. That means that you can track ticket sales for all school events including the latest high school football game, the upcoming theater production, a fundraiser at all elementary schools, prom tickets and more, all in one place.

Can we use the event ticketing software to manage both online and offline ticket sales?

Yes, indeed! Vanco Events can take payments online using most debit and credit cards, and in-person debit, credit and cash payments.

Is the ticketing software secure and PCI-compliant for processing payments?

Our payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected.

Can we access data from the event ticketing software for reporting and analysis purposes?

Yes! Vanco Events tracks ticket sales, attendance, check-in/out times and more. Event organizers can easily build customized reports to understand event attendance trends and learn how to attract even more event attendees and participants.

Can we customize the design and branding of the ticketing platform to match our school's identity?

Absolutely! You can customize the ticketing pages with school colors, graphics, mascots and even the tickets. We’ve seen districts customize ticket designs in a wide variety of ways, including adding home team and visiting team mascots for athletic events, promotional art for upcoming musicals, and class themes for prom tickets. Vanco Events is a flexible online ticket sales for schools solution that can easily cater to your needs.

What kind of customer support is available if we encounter any issues with the software, such as technical difficulties or questions about features and functionality?

Our Client Success team is always within reach to help clients get started online, answer technical questions and provide valuable advice, tips and ideas. Our customer learning center is loaded with helpful articles and step-by-step guides to help clients hit the ground running and start organizing events quickly.