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The Easiest Way to Sell Church Event Tickets | Vanco Events Churches & Faith Orgs Page

Sell Church Event Tickets with Vanco Events

Sell church event tickets, manage attendees and track sales, while providing a seamless and secure experience for members and guests.

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Talk with an expert and see how easy it is to use Vanco. We'll show you how simple it is to create an event, purchase tickets, manage seating, raise funds and more.

"Last year, we had a sold out event. We've never had that in 27 years. It was so simple and took away so many hours of stress and of lists and of spreadsheets, and making deposits as we'd been doing previously."

Julie Murphy, Activities Assistant - St. Cloud Cathedral High School

Why Churches Choose Vanco’s Event Ticketing Software

Vanco’s event ticketing software lets churches set events up in minutes. It also offers a robust suite of features including...

Online Registration

Simplify your church event registration process with our user-friendly software. Let attendees register online from anywhere and at any time. Effortlessly manage attendee information, securely process payments and easily communicate event details to your guests.

Customizable Event Pages

Offer a personalized touch. Create tailored registration pages that align with your church's brand and event theme.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain the key insights you need to make data-driven decisions and deliver unforgettable events that meet the needs and expectations of your congregation.

Easily Manage Attendees

Event management software enables churches to communicate updates and event details to attendees via email or push notifications. It also streamlines church event ticket management by allowing for easy confirmation emails and enabling ticket scanning, either through physical tickets or directly from attendees' mobile devices.

Secure Payment Processing

Ensure the security of your attendees' payment information with software that meets and exceeds compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated by all major credit card associations, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Free Church Events Are Free!

Easily sell church event tickets and manage ticket sales for your no-charge events, streamline check-in with our scanning feature and keep attendees informed with automated email confirmations and updates. Test it out today. It only takes a few minutes to set up an event.

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25,000+ Churches and Counting Trust Vanco’s Software to Boost Giving, Engage Members and Save

Online Giving Pages

Empower your congregation to give anytime and anywhere with our image-driven online giving pages that allow your church to tell its unique story.

Text Giving

Boost one-time or recurring donations with Vanco’s text giving, an easy-to-use tool that allows your congregation to donate quickly and securely from their mobile devices.

Mobile Giving App

Make giving convenient and secure for your congregation with Vanco's church app, designed to simplify the donation process and enhance your church's digital presence.


Expand your church's reach with Vanco Live, a simple and effective solution that makes online worship and giving easy.


How can we use event ticketing software to manage registration for church events?

Easily! Customize your registration information during the checkout experience and streamline the attendee information collection process. Market the event with Vanco’s suite of promotional tools, track tickets for church event sales and monitor event attendance, all through one platform.

What payment options are available through the event ticketing software?

Vanco accepts debit cards and most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can we use the event ticketing software to sell church event tickets for fundraisers and other activities?

Yes! With our online ticketing option and optional donation button during the checkout experience, we’ve seen many successful fundraisers hosted through Vanco Events.

How can we track ticket sales and attendance for different church events?

Easily! When an attendee presents their ticket, the QR code is scanned and logs the ticket information. Depending on the event organizer’s needs, additional information can be collected including check-in/out time, contact information and more.

Is it possible to offer discounts or promo codes for church events through the ticketing software?

Certainly! Vanco Events provides diverse discount options tailored to your event requirements, including promotion codes, early bird tickets, VIP tickets, staff tickets, complimentary tickets and exclusive group promotions.

Can we use the event ticketing software to manage both online and offline church event tickets?


How can we access data from the event ticketing software for reporting and analysis purposes?

With our solution, tracking ticket sales and generating tailored reports to analyze event attendance patterns is a breeze for event organizers. Our software updates reports automatically and provides real-time data to help attract even more attendees.

Can we customize the design and branding of the ticketing platform to match our church's identity?

Certainly! It is possible to tailor ticketing pages to match your church’s color scheme, incorporate logos and graphics, and even personalize the tickets.

How can we provide technical support to church members who may have questions or issues with the event ticketing software?

Our dedicated Client Success team is readily available to assist clients with online setup, address any technical inquiries, and offer valuable advice, tips, and ideas, while our customer learning center is packed with informative articles and comprehensive guides to aid in starting event organization promptly.

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Free Church Event Kit

Create stronger church connections and growth through fun, engaging events with Vanco Faith's resource collection. The kit provides a framework for various event types and groups, including event letters, permission slips and planning worksheets.

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