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#1 Event Fundraising Software | Vanco Events

Fundraising Event Software That Boosts Revenue

Raise more money for your cause with our fundraising event software! Vanco’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage events, sell tickets and collect donations all in one place.

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How Vanco Events Makes Fundraising Simple

We built Vanco Events to be versatile and easy to use for fundraisers. Here are just a few of the ways the software delivers:


Effortlessly Create and Manage Events in Minutes

Create events in less than 10 minutes while enjoying the ease of event fundraising software that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack. With Vanco, you can also easily clone events to speed up the event creation process.


Make Event Promotion a Breeze

Vanco’s fundraising event management software offers a suite of powerful promotional tools, including event QR codes, widgets, social media sharing and promotional codes, to help you get the word out about your events and drive attendance.


Simplify the Checkout Process for Guests

Attendees want a quick and easy checkout process. That’s why Vanco Events lets users check out as guests, which spares them the time it would take to create accounts.


Customize Your Event to Match Your Brand and Messaging

Customize your tickets and event website, and even offer assigned seating to make your attendees feel special and appreciated.


Accept Donations at Checkout

With just a few clicks, attendees using Vanco’s fundraising event software can add donations to their purchases and make a difference.


Get the Data You Need to Optimize Events

With 40 built-in reports, you have all the data you need on payments, attendance, refunds, transactions, promotions, discounts and more to optimize future events. You can also create customized reports and track ticket sales in real time.

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Explore Vanco Events' full range of features by trying our event software for free. Test our features on no-charge or test events to experience our capabilities before using them for your paid events.

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Event Fundraising Software FAQs

What kind of event ticketing options does Vanco Events offer for fundraisers?

Plenty! With Vanco Events, it’s easy to customize the ticket types and pricing to your event needs. Depending on your event needs, you can offer pre-sale tickets, VIP tickets, staff tickets, ticket discounts, complimentary tickets, special promotions and more.

What kinds of fundraisers can Vanco Events help with?

All sorts! We can host everything from casual picnics to black-tie events, general admission to seated events with assigned seating, and more. Let Vanco Events help make your fundraiser a success!

How can Vanco Events help me promote my event?

Vanco Events also offers a suite of powerful marketing tools, enabling event organizers to promote their events through social media, email campaigns, newsletters and more. The fundraising event software even allows event organizers to print QR codes on posters and flyers, providing a convenient way for people to access event information and purchase tickets.

How can I track the progress of my fundraising campaign using the software?

With ease! Track ticket sales and donations in real time using our software. Vanco Events also makes it easy to track marketing campaigns so you can learn when, where and how to best reach your audience.

How does Vanco Events make purchasing tickets easier for attendees?

Vanco Events offers a guest checkout experience, so no extra login or credentials are required to make a purchase. This leads to a faster checkout experience and more engagement for future events.

Can attendees donate directly from the ticketing page for my event?

Yes! In fact, event organizers can add an optional Donation button during the checkout experience to encourage more donations that way as well.

Can I export donor data from the fundraising feature for further analysis or communication?

Yes! Vanco Events is a highly flexible and customizable solution that allows event organizers to collect and track whatever data they need, including ticket sales and spikes, marketing campaigns, attendee check-in/out, how quickly attendees got through the gate, attendee contact information and much more. Export this data to better understand your audience and drive engagement for future fundraisers.

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