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Reserved Seating Chart Maker for Event Tickets | Vanco Events

Reserved Seating Made Easy

Looking to create a more personalized and enjoyable experience for your event attendees? Reserved seating is a must-have feature. With Vanco's reserved seating chart maker, you can easily set up and manage reservations for your events.

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Screenshot of Reserved Seating Map in Event Ticketing Platform

Why Event Organizers Choose Vanco Events Reserved Seating Tickets

Event organizers need versatility and ease of use in their ticketing software. Vanco delivers both.


Advanced Seating Charts

Vanco’s reserved seating feature was built to be versatile. In addition to creating reserved seats for theater and stadium seating, organizers can also create seating charts for banquet settings. Using our reserved seating chart feature, event organizers can easily set the number of tables that will be at the event, how many chairs will be at each table and arrange the tables in the space as they would appear in the venue.


VIP Seating

For some events, organizers will need to reserve or block off seats for VIPs. With Vanco Events reserved seating tickets, blocking off seats for VIPs is easy.


Event Management

Create and manage events in minutes with our easy-to-use event ticketing software. Save time and hassle with simple setup and management, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional event experience.


Advanced Reporting

Reserved seating can lead to more ticket sales and more revenue by varying charges for individual seats based on their location. Get the detailed reporting and insights you need to maximize revenue for future events with Vanco’s advanced reporting dashboards.

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Explore the full potential of Vanco Events' ticketing software. Vanco Events is free for any no-charge events. You can also sign up at no cost and test the software. This way you won’t have to commit any of your budget before you’ve seen for yourself how much work Vanco Events will save you and your team.

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Reserved Seating FAQs

Can customers select their own seats with reserved seating?

Yes! When attendees go to the web page to purchase their ticket, the event organizer can offer attendees the option to select their own seats based on how the venue is arranged. During checkout, attendees can see which seats are available for purchase and which seats are already reserved.

How do I set up the seating chart for my event?

Easily! For your first event, you’ll be prompted to list how many rows or tables will be in your venue, then how many seats will be in each row or table. (Pro Tip: Once you complete this step, save it as a template, and you won’t have to count seats again moving forward.) Most event organizers can complete this step in just a few minutes. Then you’re ready to start selling tickets for your event. You can also include reserved seating ticket printing, so attendees who print their tickets know exactly where their seats are. If you would like to have help building the venue, Vanco’s team can do it for you on your paid events. All you would need to provide is a seating map.

Can I assign different prices to different seats?

Yes! Event organizers can assign different prices for different seats. This is common in large theaters where pricing may differ based on seat location relative to the event stage, but this feature can be used in variety of other situations as well, including VIP seating.

How do I handle group ticket purchases with reserved seating?

Event organizers can offer a group ticket purchase ticketing option, and attendees can select all the seats they want in one purchase session.

Can I reserve seats for VIPs or other special guests?

Yes! Event organizers can reserve or block off seats for VIPs and other special guests. These seats will be marked on the seating chart as the event organizer indicates.

How do I handle refunds or exchanges for reserved seating tickets?

You can easily refund tickets in case of event cancellations or if an attendee can no longer attend. In the event of a rainout or if an event must be canceled entirely, bulk refunds are also an available option. 

Is the reserved seating feature secure?

Yes, the Vanco Events payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected.

Can I use reserved seating for multiple events?

Yes! We have several clients who set up all their events for the year in one session and then take tickets at the events as they come up. Vanco Events can even manage multiple events occurring on the same day. 

Can I customize the seating chart for each event?

You can do so if needed. Most clients only need a few venues that match their event setups. With our template feature, event organizers can create their theater venue and then use that same venue setup moving forward. Event organizers also have the flexibility to create multiple customized seating charts for different venues or update the seating chart for a specific event as needed.

How do I communicate seating information to my customers?

That part’s easy! When attendees check out, they will be prompted to select their seats and their tickets and seats are reserved.

Can customers change their seats after purchasing a ticket?

Yes, Vanco Events offers this capability, but allowing changes is up to the discretion of the event organizer.

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