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The Top Timed Entry Ticketing for Events Solution

Timed Entry Ticketing for Events

Managing events isn’t easy, and accommodating venue restrictions doesn’t make it any easier. Luckily, Vanco’s timed entry ticketing feature provides a simple, efficient solution for managing event attendance and meeting venue requirements.

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How Vanco Makes Timed Entry Ticketing Simple

Vanco Events was built with ease of use and versatility in mind, making it easy for event organizers to build and manage events to their specifications. Here’s how Vanco’s timed entry ticketing for events delivers.


Create Multiple Entry Time Slots

Use Vanco Events to easily create and manage multiple entry time slots for your event. This means you can stagger entry times, reducing congestion and ensuring that your event runs smoothly.


Easily Manage Capacity

Set limits on the number of tickets sold for each entry time, making it easy to manage capacity and avoid overcrowding.


Track Checkouts in Real Time

With Vanco’s timed entry ticketing, you know who is at your venue and who isn’t, giving you an added layer of security to keep uninvited guests out of your venue.


Set Up Events in Minutes and Manage Them With Ease

With our easy-to-use event ticketing platform, you can set events up in minutes, manage them effortlessly and receive detailed reporting and analytics on their success.

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We've only covered a fraction of what Vanco Events can do. Take a look at all our features. Vanco is completely free for all no-charge events, which means you can test the features before deciding to use it on any of your paid events.

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Timed Entry Ticketing FAQs

Can I set different entry times for different ticket types?

Yes! You can set up timed entry events in a variety of ways, including allowing entries over the course of a single day or multiple days.

How do I set up the entry times for my event?

When you create an event, you can add Session Times as an option, then add the sessions for your event and you’re off to the races.

Can customers change their entry times after purchasing tickets?

Yes! Depending on how the event organizer sets up the event, customers can move their bookings or cancel their tickets to get refunds and rebook tickets for their preferred times.

What happens if a customer misses their entry time?

If a customer misses their timed entry window, their ticket scan will alert the ticket taker that the ticket holder has an invalid ticket. Depending on the event organizer’s preference, the ticket taker can override and let the attendee in the gate via a manual check-in instead.

Can I limit the number of tickets sold for each entry time?

Yes! You can set the number of tickets sold for any event type in Vanco Events, including timed entry tickets. This helps event managers comply with venue requirements.

Can I use timed entry event ticketing software for multiple events?

Yes! We have several clients who set up all their events for the year in one session and then take tickets at the events as they come up. Vanco Events can even manage multiple events occurring on the same day.

How can I communicate entry times to my customers with Vanco Events?

Easily! When attendees prepare to purchase their tickets, they will see ticket options with the available entry times provided by the event organizer.

Can I track attendance and entry times with the software?

Yes! Keep track of attendees including when they enter and leave so you can monitor how many people are inside the gate.

How do I handle refunds or exchanges for timed entry tickets?

You can easily refund tickets in case of event cancellations or if an attendee can no longer attend. In the event of a rainout or if an event must be canceled entirely, bulk refunds are also an available option.

Is the timed entry event ticketing software secure?

Yes, the Vanco Events payment processing feature is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, the highest standard for credit card processing. This ensures all transactions are safe and secure, meaning event organizers can be confident that their customers' payment information is protected. 

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