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The Top Community Event Ticketing System | Vanco Events

The Ultimate Community Event Ticketing System

Vanco’s community event ticketing system is designed to simplify the process of event planning and ticket sales, allowing organizations to focus on what matters most: providing valuable services to their community.

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What Sets Vanco’s Community Event Ticketing Apart?

Vanco's software was designed to be easy to use — so easy that you can build an event in minutes. Aside from ease of use, Vanco’s community event ticketing system offers a wide range of features that make event planning and ticketing simple and stress-free, including...

Easy-to-Use Ticketing

Generate an event in under 10 minutes and seamlessly incorporate it into your current technology infrastructure. Use our duplication tool to speed up the event creation process and spread the word about your fundraising activities even faster!

Event Promotion Tools

Vanco’s community event ticketing system offers advanced promotional features to help you sell more tickets and increase attendance.

Guest Checkout

Vanco Events’ guest checkout feature allows attendees to purchase tickets quickly and effortlessly without having to create an account.


Vanco’s community event ticketing system lets you customize every aspect, from selling presale tickets to offering assigned seating, all while incorporating your event or school branding for a seamless attendee experience.

Giving Tools

Make a difference with every ticket you sell! Our event ticketing software offers the option to accept donations during checkout, allowing your attendees to support your cause with ease.

See What Vanco Events Can Do

We have only provided a concise summary of the capabilities of Vanco Event's ticketing software. To fully experience its potential, we invite you to give it a try. You can use the software for any of your free events or explore its features to witness how effortless and user-friendly it is for online ticket sales.

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Vanco Offers Community Programs More Than Just Event Ticketing


Classroom Management Software

Simplify your online classes with Vanco's user-friendly and feature-rich class management software.


Online Registration Software

Easily manage your student registrations with Vanco's efficient and customizable online registration software.


Adult Education Software

Efficiently manage your adult education program with Vanco's comprehensive and user-friendly administration software.


Community Education Software

Transform your community education program with Vanco's versatile and affordable software solution designed to streamline your operations and enhance your community impact.


How can we use event ticketing software to manage registration for community education events?

Easily! Customize your registration information during the checkout experience and streamline the attendee information collection process. Market the event with Vanco’s suite of promotional tools, track event ticket sales and monitor event attendance, all through one platform.

What payment options are available through the event ticketing software?

Vanco welcomes debit cards and most credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can we use the event ticketing software to offer online classes or webinars?

Absolutely! Vanco Events has been used to host virtual events and can even make the switch from an in-person event to a virtual event should the need arise. The event organizer can create a virtual event, sell tickets online and communicate the virtual event details to ticket holders.

How can we track attendance for different community education events and classes?

Easily! When an attendee presents their ticket, the QR code is scanned and logs the ticket information. Depending on the event organizer’s needs, additional information can be collected including check-in/out time, contact information and more.

Is it possible to offer discounts or promo codes for community education events through the ticketing software?

Absolutely! Vanco Events provides various types of discounts based on your event requirements, such as promotion codes, VIP tickets, early bird tickets, staff tickets, complimentary tickets and exclusive group promotions.

Can we use the community event ticketing system to manage both online and offline class and event registrations?

Yes! Vanco Events can host online, in-person and hybrid events. Customize your registration information during the checkout experience and streamline the attendee information you collect.

How can we access data from the event ticketing software for reporting and analysis purposes?

With our community event ticketing solution, event organizers can effortlessly monitor ticket sales and generate personalized reports to analyze event attendance patterns, while our system updates reports automatically and provides real-time data.

Can we customize the design and branding of the ticketing platform to match our community education program's identity?

Certainly! It is possible to tailor the ticketing pages to match your organization's color scheme, incorporate logos and graphics, and even personalize the tickets.

Can we get technical support for clients who have questions or issues with the event ticketing software?

Our dedicated Client Success team is readily available to assist clients with online setup, offer technical support, and provide expert advice, valuable tips, and creative ideas, while our customer learning center is packed with useful articles and step-by-step guides to help you launch your events seamlessly and efficiently.

Does Vanco Events offer the functionality to offer assigned and reserved seating?

Yes! Vanco Events is proud to offer this option. As the event organizer, you can quickly set up an event that matches the seating options available, then share the link with attendees so they can select their own seats during the checkout process. Speed up ticket lines at the gate by giving patrons the option to purchase their tickets in advance and get the seats they want early.

How can Vanco Events help increase event attendance and community engagement?

Vanco Events offers several tools to help event organizers promote and share information about their events. We’ve seen clients as much as double their event attendance (and revenue) after making the switch to Vanco Events. Vanco makes getting the word out about your event easy with our internal suite of resources, including creating event QR codes, widgets, social media sharing, promotional codes and more.