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Simplify High School Basketball Ticket Sales with Vanco Events

What if There Was an Easier Way to Sell High School Basketball Tickets?

Looking for an easier, more convenient way to sell high school basketball tickets? Look no further than the school sports ticketing software from Vanco Events. We created our ticketing software to make it easier, quicker and less of a headache to sell tickets to school athletic events, and you can take advantage of features to customize ticketing for the specific needs of your school's basketball games.

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What Makes Vanco Events Better?

Our software isn't only a platform for collecting money and giving people a way to get into a game. It's also a comprehensive collection of tools designed for school athletic departments, which makes handling ticketing operations easier. Some of the best features of Vanco's software include:

An Intuitive Design and Easy-to-Use Interface

Take control of issuing high school sports tickets even if you are not familiar with ticketing platforms or event management. You can use the software to record and manage all game details, make tickets available for sale, collect the names of ticket holders and gauge how many tickets have sold. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, so it will be a breeze to sell your high school basketball tickets.

Analytics and Customizable Reports

Want to know how basketball ticket sales are going at your school? Vanco offers the ability to look at analytics from ticket sales so you can understand who is buying tickets, when and to what games, so you know what to expect later in the season and seasons down the line.

Convenient Mobile Capabilities

So many people access the Internet and buy tickets today on their mobile devices. Vanco makes it easier to manage ticket sales and collection because it offers a mobile app that allows you to scan tickets on event goers' phones.

Secure, Built-in Payment Processing

Avoid having to deal with cash by using a digital payment processing system through Vanco's platform. The integrated payment software we use is already trusted by more than 1,300 school districts.

Event Promotion Tools

Use the platform's built-in promotional features to market basketball games and boost attendance.

Custom Event Pages for Each Game

Each event page on the platform is customizable. Give people buying high school basketball tickets details about each game by adding photos, schedules, scores and more to the event page so attendees will know what to look forward to at game time. Also, sell more game tickets by easily sharing these custom pages on social media.

Access Fundraising Tools

Do you need to raise money for your basketball, football or other sports teams? The platform has fundraising and donation tools that make it simpler for your booster club to do its job. Our platform can gather donations digitally and ensure you're funding the best programs and experiences possible.

See All of Vanco’s Features

Up Your High School Basketball Ticketing Experience with Vanco Events

These are some of the best features you can take advantage of if you choose to use Vanco Events for high school basketball tickets. However, there are many more perks that will help you sell more high school sports tickets and stay better organized. Try out the software for any of your free events to see if you like the way it functions and think it can benefit your team. If you do, sign up and get started — you'll be glad you did when you see how many fans show up to cheer on your team at home games!

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