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Easily Sell High School Football Tickets Online | Vanco Events

What if There Was an Easier Way to Sell High School Football Tickets?

By partnering with Vanco, you can sell high school football tickets online. Doing so allows you to sell more tickets, speed up entry into the stadium and ensure students and community members can easily get tickets to your games.

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Vanco Has Everything You Need to Sell High School Football Tickets Online

At Vanco, we pride ourselves on helping local school districts increase ticket sales. This expertise means we can help you sell high school football tickets in a way that keeps the most money in your district's pockets.

The Easiest, Most User-Friendly Interface

With Vanco, you don’t have to be a computer genius to have an event page. Our easy-to-use interface helps you manage events, sell tickets and track sales. Using our system, you can set up an event in minutes and easily share the event with the community, enabling you to quickly and efficiently create multiple events for your sports program.

Easy Reporting

When dealing with school district money, you need easy access to 100% accurate reports. Vanco Events offers users a comprehensive view of their ticketing operations. Using our reports, you can access tickets sold, tickets remaining and other analytics. This gives you and your team a deep dive into the data that will help you sell even more tickets.

Mobile Sales

These days, many students don't use their computers to access the internet or make purchases. Instead, they use their phones. As such, you need mobile-friendly pages that are easily integrated with ticket collection options. At Vanco, we have an app that can scan tickets and eliminate paper from this process.

Integrated Payment Processing System

When you're trying to sell high school football tickets, you don't have time to deal with countless payment providers. At Vanco, we provide an integrated system that allows you to process credit cards simply and securely.

Event Promotion Options

One of the biggest benefits of selling tickets online is being able to quickly and easily promote ticket sales. We offer numerous options, allowing you to integrate your sales with your school's website or social media. You can do this by creating customized event pages to upload photos, maps and other key data points. All of this can be done to promote an event and build robust attendance.

Solicit Donations

A well-crafted event page allows you to solicit donations from the community at large, in addition to selling tickets. This enables you to support your booster club and build a robust database of passionate community members that want to support your sports teams.

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Vanco Events has even more features that are great for all school sports, including football, basketball, track, volleyball and hockey.

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Ready To Partner With Vanco?

Are you looking to sell more football game tickets or other high school sports tickets? By offering high school football tickets online, you can sell more tickets, boost your revenue and increase the number of community members cheering you on.

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